Frameless® Fabric Print

All fabrics are seamless printed using various methods with a maximum width of 5000mm and high resolution. Each printing process brings out the brilliant luminosity of the fabric in its own way.



The textile frame is only bought once.

Frameless® Fabric Print can be used over and over again without any trace of usage.



Technical Fabrics

No more expensive and environmentally damaging PVC sheets.  The printed fabrics are PVC-free, odourless and very easy to dispose of.

The frame is only bought once. The fabric print can be used over and over again without any trace of usage. All fabrics used, comply with the standards for fire protection class B1.

Silicone / PVC sewn strip

The frameless look that is unique to Fabric is accomplished by sewing a silicone/pvc stip around the edge of the printed fabric. This process allows the edges to be inserted into the channel grooves of the frame, stretching the fabric tight.



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Frameless® Profiles

Frameless® profiles are available in different depths starting from 15mm to 180mm.


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