Frameless® Column

With our newly developed column system, bring previously unused columns at the POS in to focus. The effective design transforms existing columns into individually space saving and prominently staged models. The Example ”Fifa Adventure World" allows activities and product presentations with high attention value.

The flexible graphics can be optionally updated by the Frameless Team at regular time periods.



Multi-frequency at POP with the innovative Frameless® Column System



The Features

  • Innovative column system for product presentation and product placement 
  • Sturdy aluminum frame system can be used as covering or as a back-wall placement 
  • Custom made to fit different wall widths and ceiling heights
  • LED backlighting surrounding the system 
  • High-quality acrylic Warentrays 
  • Resistant column construction 
  • Quick replacement of graphics in "Frameless®" look

    The Advantages

    • Attractive secondary placement for top issues on your POS
    • Effective use of existing space
    • Visibility from a distance and guide for the target group
    • Theme area for "New" or "Pre-Order Actions"



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