Frameless® Banner

Frameless® Banner is a frameless display system. An exceptional advantage is the uncomplicated assembly of the frame. Exchange of the graphics is accomplished in no time as well.

Frameless® Banner is a eye catcher solution for your campaigns. Because of its unique design, the Frameless system always highlights your design, never stealing the spotlight. 100% of your message is always visible.

The Banner is only bought once. The fabric print can be used over and over again without any trace of usage.



Simple Assembling

Anyone can assemble the system simple within minutes. The simple plug-in connection system is quick to set up your banner.


Height Adjustable

The system allows you to adjust the height of the banner without any special tools.


Standard sizes

Standard sizes for Frameless Banners are available in:


60cm - 23.62"

80cm - 31.49"

100cm - 39.37"

120cm - 47.24"

*Custom sizes are available upon request.



All products have the same height min. 1,150mm and max. 2,000mm



Approx. weight for all sizes are 4kg including packaging.



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More Products

Point of Purchase

For over 30 years, ALVISUAL has been known as the premier design and manufacturing company of high- quality POP Displays.


Frameless® Profiles

The profiles are available in different depths starting from 15mm to 180mm.


Frameless® Arc

Frameless® Arc features a unique curve shape with a large graphic area which allows you to create a high impact display which will spark interest.